Do you really look your age?



Premature ageing and degenerative diseases is caused by the increasing accumulation of damage contributed by Free Radicals. Formed naturally in our body as by-products of oxidation, Free Radicals are actually atoms or molecules with one or more unpaired electrons. They bombard the cells in our human bodies at the average rate of 10,000 hits per day. They become very reactive and highly unstable with a tendency to attack adjacent molecules in an attempt to grasp an extra electron for them to regain stability. Such redundant activities induced by the uncontrolled Free Radicals may destroy the healthy cells in our body leading to diseases, increase the risk of cancer, and reduce our lifespan and its quality.

Over the years, unhealthy diets, wind, polutions, electromagnetic waves, fumes, harsh UV rays from sunlight, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, drugs, pesticides, insecticides, excessive alcohol, physical, mental and emotional stress, and industrial smog are some elements that could be responsible for the way your skin looks now. As our skin ages with time, more of its connective materials (collagen & elastin) that bind the epidermis to the dermis and support the dermis layer are lost. At our thirties, unevenness in skin color or tone and some lines may appear. By the age of forty, deeper permanent surface lines from depletion of the padding under the skin are easily found in most individuals. Moreover, changes in blood circulation might mean changes in our natural blush and color. Dark spots from sun damage may show up. When we reach our fifties, we may start to notice deeper lines, sagging and drier skin, as well as dark pigmentation.

With all these ageing indications, it is important that we nourish our ageing cells with new vigour and vitality, for an ageless skin and a timeless beauty. This is the wonder of Célebre.





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