About Célebre Suisse



Celebre Sheep Extracts are certified as a specially researched and formulated authentic Swiss product by Swiss Biotech A.G., Switzerland.

This certification stipulates that all production and analysis of Célebre has been done under the special responsibility of professional Quality Control Personnel, and has been carried out according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Points) concepts in appropriate production facilities. It also guarantees that all manufacturing and production of Célebre are carried out according to EC- or PIC-GMP respectively, as per 7 EC-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and stringent ISO quality standards.

Our products are safe if consumed within the recommended dosage as they are formulated according to strict nutraceutical preparations. There is no known possible ill or side effects under general circumstances.

We have a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to the entire process of Formulation and Development of our Cell Therapy products with the relevant support on marketing techniques, technicalities and literature.





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